BEST FOR YOU Nano Mist Spray And Atomizer Serum for Face -Mobile Pocket Currency Sized Mini Spray 30ml (Electric spray bottle) + Face Serum to mix with the water + Sport Velvet Bikini/underwear with black crystals logo and Butt Lifting Design. 


The Brutality thermal water rechargeable beauty mist sprayer have a unique contribution to improve the skin biome and overall healthy look. To help your skin microbiome be the best it can be must combining it with the Brutality face serum that will keep your skin moisturize with hydrating ingredients and give you a smooth, beautiful and glowing skin through the day.


 Brutality spray machine is designed as a handy size, easy to handle, a must-have for everyone. Especially if you do traveling, It's compact pocket size is always good to go anywhere.

Make sure machine should be fully charge it before use. Capacity of this machine is about 30ml. This automatic sprayer makes it easy to operate.

You can take it to everywhere, even on flights, it's great for keeping in your purse and misting and spraying all over through the day. It helps you to keep your face skin fresh and not dry at anywhere and anytime.

Due to the pandemic, the need for untouchable equipment has increased and considering our daily routine this Brutality spray machine is very useful to keep us health and safe, without need of touching your face to apply serum with hands/fingers.

Brutalitry Mist Spray Machine is ideal for use at Homes, Offices, Clinics, Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Courier Services, Car, etc.


Serum Ingredients:


- Chamomile flower extract

- Rosemary leaf extract

- More natural extracts

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin E

- Hyaluronic Acid


Who can use it:

- Sport people with dramatic weight loss

- Menopause women

- Men

- Acne scarring/dark spot/ damaged skin



BEST FOR YOU Beauty Mist & Serum Package + Bikini Gift

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  • Please choose the right size Bikini/Underwear S; M; L when you order your Brutality Spray Mist & Serum. This is limited offer and we look to hear a feedback from you. Enjoy it!