* 4″ back panel, tapers to 2″ on sides

* Padded back support
* Two belt loops to secure excess of belt

* Black Suede Leather with White Logo
* Chunky double prong buckle


This is our number one belt! The leather olympic weight lifting belts are fantastic. It is probably the best all round belt. It comes in only Black colour.  It is fantastic for heavy squats and deadlifts. Olympic lifting is where this belt comes into it’s own. Great support on the back with the padded section being a nice touch. 

BRUTRALITY Classic Leather Weight Lifting Belt, natural leather with double pronged buckle, extra strong and no-pinch. Padded back for extra comfort. Highly likely to increase your squat… Measure around your belly button to get an idea of size to order. You want to be in the middle, so if you’re 31 or 32″ best to go for medium! This is our best and most popular all round belt. You can WOD or lift in it without it getting in the way. It still offers substantial support for when you’re going for max Clean and Jerks or pull a bar full of plates on your deadlift PB.

Weightlifting Belt

£34.99 Regular Price
£24.49Sale Price

Please measure around your waist / belly button where the belt will sit. Do not rely on your jeans size / waist size as this may be different. In weight size usually female use size S (45-75kg); male size M (75-95kg), male size L (over 100kg)

  • Small: 25″ – 32.5″
  • Medium 28.5″ – 36″
  • Large 32″ – 39.5″
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